Year: 3rd Year – Autumn Semester(2019)

Grade: 1st Class

Language: C#

Tool Used: Unity 2019

During the first semester, of my last year at University, I had the opportunity to make a game, that was heavily focused on different AI techniques and realistic Physics. The submission deliveries were split in two:

  • A report – where the basic physics behind game engines, such as collisions, constraints and forces were explored, in addition to discussing the physics behind ballistics, the main contribution of this project – in addition to – discussing different AI topics path-finding, complex fixed behaviours, hierarchical state machines, learning and adapting behaviour.
  • A game where all of the subjects discussed in the paper were implemented.

Something, not mentioned in the report, is that I had to develop my own Third Person controller in Unity from the foundations, including making use of Animation IK to reposition the arms so it would look as the player was holding the weapon.

All of the different characteristics of the submission are shown in the video demos below, including the two levels build for the game by using assets from mixamo and the Unity’s asset store – the report can also be read by clicking on the button.


Video 1. Physics demo video-demonstration

Video 2. AI demo video-demonstration

Video 3. Gameplay video-demonstration
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