Project: Underground

Made: August 2015

Development time: 1 month

Language: C#

Tool Used: Unity 4.6 and Photoshop CS6

During the summer of 2015 I decided to make my first completed project, under the titled “Underground” I created a top-down survival shooter in 2D. The player takes command of our main character, a survivor of a worldwide apocalypse of assassin giant larvae, after running away from these genetically modified larvae he seeks shelter in the Underground, unfortunately the larvae manage to get in and he must fight for his survival.

The main goals for this project were: learning the basics of sprite designing and animation, audio managing, UI programming and Gameplay programming. Moreover, other additional goals were to implement the A* algorithm, but due to the lack of time I ended up using the free version of the A* algorithm by Aron Granberg.

Except the A* algorithm, all the scripts and sprites in the game were made by me, however all the sounds used in the game was acquired from the