Made: November 2016/December 2017

Development time: 2 months

Language: C#

Tool Used: Unity 5 and Blender

Santa’s Nightmare was a game developed for Christmas 2016, also it was my first team project, unfortunately due to coursework we did not meet our deadline which was the 20th of December. However, a year after the game was finished, and was published on on the 23rd of December 2017.

The story takes place in the North Pole the day after Christmas. All the bad children across the world that haven’t received anything for Christmas decide to team-up against Santa and raid Santa’s town. In order to save the North Pole the player takes control of Santa and gives those children what they don’t deserve.

Santa’s Nightmare is a top down survival shooter in 3D. It was made in Unity 5.6 and I considere it as an improvement of my first game, as genre wise is quite similar. Regarding to the outcome of the project I strongly believe that we accomplished the creation of a full mini-game that resulted in being and incredible learning experience and moreover with its public release, we had some pretty good feedback that helped us to improve towards the future and learnt valuable concepts that will definitely help us in up coming projects.

All the scripts were made by me, however all the art was made by Edward Park(Paladin). Sounds were made by us, and the music was made by Kabir Birdi.

If you want to try it yourself here’s the download.